In this article we will present you the different Front Office and Back Office interfaces of the Bikini product to make you understand the operation of the “Product Composer” module compatible with PrestaShop 1.7.x However, you can click on the “Store Demo” button to see different examples configured with our module.

Front-office Interfaces

Product sheet with Product Composer

You can simply display your packs with different variations illustrated by images with a responsive interface and colors according to your choice.

Graft one of your product in the home page

You can choose a product with combinations configured by the Product Composer module and display it on the home page in order to add advantages and force its sale

Back-office Interfaces

In order to configure your product with our Product Composer module, you have to create the various options you want which can be radio buttons, Checkbox, Select list, ...

For each option you create different attributes that can have images.

You can classify the different options created by groups.


To Configure your product first of all you have to create your groups that you can order them according to your choice.


After creating groups, you have to create one or more options for each group.

You have the choice between:

  • Simple radio button
  • Radio button with image
  • Simple checkbox
  • checkbox with image
  • Select list
  • Text fields
  • Numeric fields


You can create a list of attributes for each option. you can set a default attribute, disable or enable it. you also have the choice to organize your list (sort the list of attributes) in relation to the selected option.

Product Configuration

To configure your products, simply select your product in the search bar then click on the "configure your product" button, an interface will be displayed to choose the groups and options that suit the product to be configured.

You have the choice to put a configured product on the home page of your site.

However, you want to display or not display the titles of the groups.

Interface Configuration 

To better adapt to the theme used in your e-commerce site, we have thought of putting the choice of colors of our dynamic module. You can change the colors of the buttons, group titles, ...

When you select the format including VAT, it means that the prices will be visible with VAT.

You can also apply Prestashop discounts on attribute prices.